Karma…. The sum of a persons actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

I may be skipping ahead a little in our story, but I thought I’d share this bit of it anyway.

This is a story about Karma. Whether you believe in Karma or not, I do, and saw firsthand in Peru how it can work.

After flying into Lima and then to Cusco, we took a taxi to a little town about 2 hours away called Ollantaytambo. This little town of only 700 people ended up being our favorite place to stay on our whole trip. We stayed here two different times during our trip..a total of 4 days. On the morning of the third day there we needed to get a ride to another town called Santa Teresa, and from there we would hike to Machupicchu. This was not as easy as we thought it might be, since Santa Teresa was a 4 hour drive away. In my best broken Spanish, I haggled and negotiated with several people to try to get a ride, but no one wanted to take us that far. After about 45 minutes of trying, a young man who we will call “Mario Andretti” (because of his impressive driving skills, and because I could never pronounce his name correctly)  came up to us and agreed to take us to Santa Teresa for 50 soles. That works out to be about $15 US. I know of no one who would drive that far for $15. We agreed and loaded our packs into the back of his car. It was an absolutely breathtaking ride through the Andes mountains. Along the way we tried to take as many pictures and videos as possible. I strongly suggest this route to anyone making the trip to Machupicchu.


Our little ride to Santa Teresa


After about 4 hours we made it to Santa Teresa and to our room, which was made like a treehouse. We unloaded our packs and I paid “Mario” for the ride, but I felt the cost for the ride was far too low, so I paid him double his asking price. 100 soles.  He smiled and stared at me in disbelief and looked as if he might cry, and in his best English, he asked if I was sure I wanted to pay him that much. I assured him I did and shook his hand, and he went on his way.
We checked into the Ecoquechua lodge and climbed the stairs to our room. Everything is a climb in Peru.  We unloaded our packs and decided to rest the rest of the day. We also discovered that somewhere along the way we had lost the lens cap to Sherries camera. It’s not a good thing to have a very expensive camera shoved down in a backpack with no lens cap, but we figured it was gone for good. Oh well. We went to bed and slept amazingly to the sounds of the jungle coming in through the open wall of our room.
The next morning we awoke to heavy rains and figured we would take it easy and stay in the room, but after a while though, I was bored and decided to throw on my rain gear and head into the main part of this tiny town and explore. As I was walking up the hill into town I notice someone in a car behind me blowing the horn, so I stop and turn around to see what I had done wrong. And there was “Mario”, smiling, with his hand out the window. He pulls up beside me and motions me to come to the window . Then he drops the lost lens cap in my hand. We both smiled with appreciation and I thanked him for returning it to us.  That my friends is Karma.

Be good to others and it will find it’s way back to you.

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